About our company


The present time is full of dynamic changes and new security risks. Their analysis and subsequent elimination is not possible without the cooperation of experts. If you are looking for reputable consultants to identify security risks, protect your business activities or maintain business continuity, this is the right address.

F.S.C. Security consultancy, join stock company, is an independent leading Czech security consultancy company in the field of asset, persons, information protection and services of security management. Our company has tradition of fifteen years in the field of security risk analysis and solutions, providing comprehensive security services, audits, education, implementation and consulting activities.

In our work we have the full backing of our professional team of experienced specialists, auditors and expert witness from various security fields. Valuable knowledge is also our own analysis of security incidents, emergency situation and crisis situation in the Czech Republic and abroad as well. This knowledge allows us to improve our processes and methodologies.

F.S.C. Security consultancy, join stock company, is Czech company with clearly defined ownership structure and business plan for the provision of consultancy services within the European Union. Our activities are exclusively focused on providing consulting and processing activities and outsourcing of security management positions.

Given the fact that the F.S.C. company does not look into the supply, installation and service of security technology and has no capital or personal ties with the suppliers of these systems so we can provide our partners independent design and engineering services in the implementation and then manage these important investments.

The company holds several certifications, including: „National Security Office‘s authorisation for the „Secret“ level of confidentiality “and “Certificate according to the Czech Standard ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2001 – Management of Quality in the field of consulting services focused on asset, persons, information and classified information protection, analysis, design and penetration tests and ISO 27000.

Research and development

F.S.C. company has been focused on the implementation of security projects supported by the European Commission and on security research projects of Czech Republic for a long time. Experts of our company work in technical committees and working groups of the European Committee for CEN standardization.

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